Our products

NovaPUR’s products resulting from innovative polyglycerol-based technologies can be characterized by:

  • products price reduction
  • improvement of mechanical properties
  • flammability reduction of foamed materials
  • toxicity reduction of the combustion products
  • low level of smoke
  • excellent functional properties: our poliurethane foams are waterresistant, light-weight, chemically inert, suppressing,  thermoinsulative

Properties of foams received from NovaPUR systems:

InsulationApparent density,
Compressive strength,
Thermal conductivity coefficient,
Cell size, µmOI (oxygen index) Flammability
Polyglycerol-based polyurethane foams20 – 40140 – 20020 – 30100 – 120none
Flame retardant polyglycerol-based polyurethane foams25 – 45140 – 20020 – 30100 – 20028C
Flame retardant polyglycerol-based polyurethane foams with nanofillers35 – 80170 – 50020 – 30100 – 20021 – 28C

flammability in accordance with UL 94


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