NovaPUR offers innovative foam systems:

  1. Ecological rigid polyurethane foam –  unique ecological foam systems differing in  composition and application properties. Synthesized foams can becharacterized by reduced flammability and high mechanical performance at once , they are also enironmentally friendly due to the use of the waste product in the process of biofuel production (polyglycerol).
  2. Ecological flame retardant rigid polyurethane foams – the system is distinguished by the use of a mixture of petrochemical polyol and polyglycerol and appropriate modificators. The resulting foams are self-extinguishing materials, what significantly increases fire safety. Thanks to the a unique recipe the cost of foam production is much lower than the cost of obtaining analogical foams available on the market.
    Possible application: fireproof, thermal and acoustic insulation, for both external and internal applications, in the form of blocks.

The polyglycerol-based products of NovaPUR can be chracterized by:

  • innovative technological process
  • reduction of the cost of manufacturing process and resultant product
  • improvement of mechanical performance of foams
  • flammability reduction of foamed products
  • reduction of toxicity of combustion products
  • low level of smoke during combustion
  • excellent application properties – the foams are waterproof, light, chemically inert, sound and thermoinsulating

We offer high quality and cost-effective ecological foam systems, based on  innovative technologies resting on preparation of mixtures of polyol,  including polyglycerol, and using them to receive eco-rigid polyurethane foams. The main advantage of the new polyol masterbatch is usage of mixture of polyglycerols (glycerol is a by-product of biofuels production), which significantly lowers the cost of raw materials, and thus the final products.


Pianki poliuretanowe nie mają odpowiedników wśród konwencjonalnych materiałów. Dlatego też zyskują coraz większą popularność i spotkać je można niemalże w każdej dziedzinie życia. Poprzez modyfikację ich struktury można uzyskać pianki o dokładnie określonych właściwościach spełniających oczekiwania najbardziej wymagających klientów.

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