About Us

NovaPUR conducts R&D activities, involving the development of industrial technologies of ecological rigid polyurethane foams and glycerol-based rigid polyurethane foams production. NovaPUR is desiging tailor-made products and its technology for the clients. We are offering the sale of licenses for the production of these foams.

NovaPUR revolutionizes the market of insulating materials by providing new technologies of obtaining rigid polyurethane foams – ecological and economical at the same time. Our technologies use renewable raw materials, which allows for far-reaching savings for our customers. Thanks to innovative recipes an improvement of technical properties of rigid foams is possible, and thus the increase of the range of their applications.

The research team: Łukasz Piszczyk, Magdalena Danowska, Michał Strankowski and Józef T. Haponiuk, has been working for 6 years and gaining uniqe experience and significant achivements in the field of polymer materials processing and production.

NovaPUR is cooperating with Gdansk University of Technology and Pomerania Development Agency


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