Proecological polyurethane foams

NovaPUR provides high quality products based on innovative, environmentally friendly polyurethane foams.

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Ecological Polyurethane Foams

Variety of polyurethane systems

NovaPUR developes unique and proecological polyurethane systems differing in the composition, properties and applications.

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In NovaPUR, we create innovative chemical technologies. Combining ECOLOGY and ECONOMY we develop revolutionary formulas, which involving waste utilization bring real savings on row materials.

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Polyurethane-based materials and semi-products are gaining more and more attention and new fields of application in almost all branches of industry. The proecological polyurethane foams offered by NovaPUR meet the expectations of reduced flammability and improved mechanical properties such as increased compressive strength, reduced brittleness. Moreover our foams are synthesised with renewable row materials, what make them environmentally friendly.

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